Angry Birds Mixes are like Angry Birds TD 2/Bloons TD 4, Angry Birds TD 5/Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds TD 3/Minecraft TD 2, Angry Birds TD 4/Minecraft TD/Super Mario Bros, & Angry Birds TD 5/Bloons TD 5. Those were just examples. There are thousands of combinations.

Mixing the games Edit

A mix is a combination of games. Angry Birds Mixes only can have 2 or 3 games mixed. One of the games has to be an Angry Birds TD game. You have a track of the mixed music. Each track is 5 minutes long. If they are the same like the last example above, then there are no tracks.

Bloons TD 5 Edit

Since the word "assassin" is in Bloons TD 5, That is changed to "high-killer." "Assassin" & "High-Killer" have almost the same meaning, High-killer is a better suggestion.

Problems about the word "assassin" Edit

Meaning Edit

Assassin means someone who kills high-ranking people.

Issues about this word Edit

The company Ninja Kiwi put assassin in BTD5. That game is made for kids.

Resistance against BTD5 Edit

The author's mom stopped me from playing BTD5 due to the word "assassin." Mommy thinks I would kill & get caught by cops when I get older if I was still playing BTD5.