Piggies Birdies TD City (PBTC) is a pig-boiling, bird-shooting, & upgrade cracking game that uses buildings. It should be an alternative of BMC (Bloons Monkey City) due to the word "assassin."

Currency Edit

Pigtrogen Edit

Pigtrogen is used to make Birdie vs. Birdie (BvB) attacks.

Molecule Edit

Its molecule is Pb2He7F6.

Wormy Food Scraps Edit

Wormy Food Scraps (WFS) are used to buy T4 Upgrade buildings, more pigtrogen, city cash, & game abilities.

Cashes Edit

City Cash Edit

City cash is used to buy buildings & more game cash. .

Game cash Edit

Game cash is used to buy towers when attacking a tile.

Religious Currency Edit

People Edit

Pastors Edit

It takes a pastor, a , & 50 bibles to build a church.

How to Get Edit

It takes 1 Bible to get a Pastor Home.

Missionaries Edit

It takes a pastor, a missionary, & 50 bibles to build a church.

Second Job Edit

If you get too many of them, they can go into heaven or preach about Christ in other cities.

How to Get Edit

It takes 1 Bible, & 1 Pastor Home to get a Missionary Home.

Bibles Edit

Bibles are used to make christian services

Bosses Edit

Hulapiger: Deadly Minion of Space

Oinkalava: Satanic Force of the Core

Acidoinkamentusk: Ghost of the Deep

Tuskaramus: Armored Behemoth of the Cosmos

Upirinoink: The Evil Umpire Pig of Sports

Terrains Edit

Highland Terrain

Mario Terrain

Desert Terrain

Swamp Terrain

Volcanic Terrain

Space Terrain

Badland Terrain

Northland Terrain

Castle Terrain

Walled City Terrain

Forest Terrain

Added towers Edit

Mortar Bird Tower

Birdie Engineer

Porkfeaster (mobile)

Birdie Ace

Flock Navial Boat

Added Pigs Edit

Ninja Master Pig

Code of masters : v222up

Extra features Edit

Extra currencies Edit

Wormy Food Scraps

City Cash


Added game abilities Edit

Traitor (red) pig